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Parent, Technology Geek, Team Building Facilitator, Leadership OD Consultant, Master Certified Coach, Canadian Expat, Google News Site Publisher and overall Maven.

I have been self-employed as a management consultant since 1990 and one of the first 45 Master Certified Coaches in Europe with the International Coach Federation. I am recognized as a dynamic coach, trainer and keynote speaker with over 5,000 classroom hours of experience worldwide. (See Client Recommendations below.) Delivering True Colors® Workshops for team building is my passion. My online focus these days is on leveraging business relationships via online networking – specifically lead generation with LinkedIn. 

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A 15 day LinkedIn Challenge (email and video) with three objectives: –  Create& Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile –  Increase Your Online Relationships by 100 New Quality Connections – Establish Your Credibility and Authority https://toolkitcoach.com/LinkedIn/


Let Us Write the Perfect LinkedIn Summary for You. Fill in the form and answer a few questions for us and we will create the client attracting summary. https://uphill.thrivecart.com/linkedin-optimization/


Get published in the legitimate press so you can be a recognized expert and authority. To get a proper press release issued and become a cited media expert email me today roberta@wghill.com  

 We are digital nomads, living in New Zealand after six years in Paris. USA Telephone Message: +1-347-229-1607 E-mail: info@uphillgroup.com

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